Are you a Referee? An NSO? Here’s why you NEED to be at UKROC!

UKROC will be the first event to ever focus on supporting independent officials. This will be absolutely incredible for those officials who are already independent, both Referees and NSO’s, and for those who are currently affiliated with a league, but might be considering independence as an option. We’ll be discussing the merits of choosing this route for anyone who isn’t sure.

There will be loads of focus on career development as an official; no matter what level you are at now, there is always room to progress and we’ll have guest speakers such as Cherry Fury, Meg Le Maniac, Ragna Rock, Rocky Horror Ho Xavier Bacon and stubble entendre on hand to give you so many tips and so much advice on progression, as well as developing your referee and NSO crew.

There will be focus sessions both on and off skates for referees, including an amazing WFTDA clinics taster session on skates with Cherry Fury, as well as a session exclusively for certified or recognised officials. We’ll also be running facilitated discussion groups to enable some tips and constructive advice swapping.

It doesn’t end there. We’ve also got a series of information sessions about WFTDA certification which is absolutely not to be missed for any serious officials in the UK, as we will also be discussing developments with the UKRDA Officials recognition and membership process.

We also set aside a chunk of time to dedicate to a Rules Q&A. AND, because obviously this isn’t quite enough, there will be a scrimmage to end both days!

We have so much happening for Refs and NSO’s that this is really not something to miss out on.

Tickets are available until Wednesday 1st October at Midnight –  only nine days left!