Guest Speaker Announcements!

Katie “The Valkyrie” Thomas, Chairperson for Milton Keynes Roller Derby and Captain for the Milton Keynes Concrete Cows. She is also the  founder of The Heartland Series which is very exciting! She will be holding a session, along with some other exciting guest speakers, on Bout production and Filming tips. This will be an excellent source of information for any league who are thinking about live streaming, or recording their games for footage watching purposes.
Xavier Bacon headshot
Next up, we have the amazing Xavier Bacon, who is head referee with the Seaside Siren Roller Girls, and an MRDA recognised official, plus THR Eastbourne Extreme 2014, and Divisional Head Ref for Heartlands 2013. His session will be on ‘Referee Training – Fundamentals For Success’ and is something we think all refs across the UK will want to get involved with!
We also have Bex Hewett, AKA Hannibal Lecturer, who will be running a session on ‘Teams and team conflict: understanding, avoiding and coping’ which will focus on providing an overview of the sources of team conflict, how they can be avoided and what individual skaters and leagues can do to manage conflict when it arises. It will include a mixture of theory and practice focusing on successful team working to avoid conflict and advice for problem-solving when conflict occurs, looking at both individual and group conflict. This session is likely to be very popular, so don’t miss this one. Bex said of UKROC;
UK roller derby is growing so fast, and there is so many exciting things happening up and down the country. Sharing information is how we will make our sport stronger and ensure that all leagues, large and small, have access to the best knowledge