Guest Speaker Announcement – Cherry Fury!

We’ve focused on skaters, now lets focus on the officials side of things for a while.

Cherry Fury

We are really excited to have Cherry Fury on board leading sessions both on skates and off skates.

We are sure everyone knows who Cherry is, but to remind us of her credentials, she is a WFTDA Clinic Instructor, MRDA Europe Regional Officiating Representative, WFTDA UK and Ireland Officials Apprentice Mentor, a WFTDA Level 3 Certified Skating Official, and the Southern Discomfort Roller Derby Head Referee.. that’s just some of the awesome things she works on.

She is pretty excited about being part of  UKROC, and said:

The line up of speakers is immense, the opportunity to access such great experience, knowledge and ask questions is invaluable. Being able to engage in important discussions regarding our sport and ensure that each league has its voice heard is important as we develop the UK community for the future.

She is coaching a phenomenal FOUR sessions across the weekend, including Officials Skate Training, WFTDA and MRDA Officials Certification Q&A.. but she’s not just catering to the officials – she’ll also be running a rules Q&A session for everyone! Sounds awesome!

She is bringing so much to UKROC, we asked her what she was hoping she might get out of it;

My mission for UKROC is to engage with as many officials from across the UK as possible, I want to start a debate on how we develop our own future, utilise the governing bodies and their resources to help us push forward to the highest standards of officiating. I want to hear from everyone about their challenges, fears and joys of officiating so I can create a solid body of feedback, insight and requirements form UK officials which I can feedback to the MRDA/WFTDA.

Also id love a cup of tea and a good natter, I’m happy to answer any questions anyone has for me throughout UKROC.

So, if you fancy a cup of tea and a good old debate with the lovely Cherry Fury, make sure you are booked in for UKROC.