Guest Speaker Announcement – Crazylegs!

After yesterdays excitement of hearing more about Bette Noir’s planned sessions at UKROC, we weren’t sure if we should give out more amazing information today – but we think you can handle it!

Today, we are looking at another incredible guest speaker – Crazylegs!


Crazylegs is a travel team skater with, and founding member of, Auld Reekie Roller Girls. She is also the Team Scotland captain again this year, and is pretty excited about leading the team to Dallas! She also heads up Auld Reekie’s coaching committee, and work as a WFTDA Rep for Auld Reekie, on the WFTDA Training committee. Not only that, but she is starting up her own business; opening a roller derby venue in Edinburgh.

With all that going on, we asked the obvious.. how has she had time to get involved with UKROC?

I’ve been working on the overarching schedule for the conference, so juggling timings, rooms and sessions (spreadsheet!) and have been identifying, liaising with and booking speakers for the sessions. I’ve been pretty much pitching in wherever I can to help out, there are a small number of volunteers trying to get a huge amount of work done in a short amount of time!

Sounds like pretty hard work, so obviously this is something you feel passionately about. What made you want to get involved and dedicate so much time to help with organising this event?

I love the idea of helping to build a new annual roller derby calendar fixture in the UK!  We have so many games and boot camps and events all structured around skating and learning to be better teams and officials, but we don’t have any central organised event for sharing other skill sets or thoughts or issues, or any sort of face to face platform to share our views or visions for the future of our sport.

But why hold a conference?

I was in attendance at the very first European Roller Derby Conference in Berlin in 2009 (and most of them since!) where I learned so much about league structures, training, WFTDA membership, country organisations, all of which really helped us to move ARRG forward. I was totally inspired by the idea of a group of people coming together to talk amongst themselves and share key skills to help grow roller derby in Europe.  And now the UK scene is so huge that it’s really about time we held our own conference to look at the way we want to organise ourselves across the UK and to learn from each other.

What do you think UKROC can achieve?

The potential here is unlimited – it’s a massive opportunity for people involved in roller derby across the UK to come together, share experiences and discuss ways to move our sport forward, to learn from each other and to talk about relationships with governing bodies and with each other; to have direct access to those governing bodies, and to ask questions, propose solutions, build new links and just generally give something towards ensuring roller derby and our community is forward thinking, proactive and building a positive future together.  We have a massive amount of established and emerging talent within UK roller derby and I can’t wait to attend some of the sessions we have booked, I’m sure I’ll come home home with loads of new ideas.

Any other thoughts on why people should attend?

If I had one wish (apart from winning the Hydra) it would be that every league in the UK sends at least one representative to this conference; the idea reflects EROC – that if each league clubs together to send one or two representatives to learn and feed in their leagues views to discussions, that experience can be cascaded throughout their leagues when they get home.  I think there will be a lot of amazing informative sessions for people to learn from, and some brilliant opportunities to share opinion, and build new links within the derby world.  On skates & off skates learning opportunities, discussions, face to face time with leagues of similar structures, governing bodies, and the Directors of both WFTDA & MRDA are coming to learn what the UK wants from them – and to answer your questions!  Seriously, if you have an opinion about roller derby this is the place to be.  Also I’ve heard there will be a bar and 2 scrimmages! I’m in!

We can’t argue with that logic!

Crazylegs will be running a session on structuring training for fresh meat, as well as facilitating some discussion about Minimum Skills Requirements and how to best support skaters through them, as well as hopefully bringing us some new insight into current WFTDA developments within this area.