Guest Speaker Announcement – stubble!

UKROC gives all leagues, regardless of organisational affiliations, an opportunity to contribute in a meaningful way to the Roller Derby community in the UK. This can only be a good thing.

The incredible stubble had this to say about why he is involved with UKROC. We think it pretty nicely sums up why we are putting on UKROC – bringing the UK derby community together is progressive, and really can only be a good thing.

stubble will be running an amazing session on A Path to Tournament Officiating, which will be a discussion of the pitfalls faced by game-ready officials in getting picked for tournament crews, and strategies for advancing despite them. Not only will this be hugely beneficial to officials, but also to all leagues who are looking to take their officials crew up to the next level.

We asked, why do you think leagues should be involved in UKROC? He said;

To add their voices to the community. To join in with discussions that have a measurable impact on the future of the sport they love. To get involved!

We couldn’t have put it better ourselves. GET INVOLVED!