More Sponsors!

So, let’s have a little look at some more of our amazing sponsors. We’ve looked at some skate shops, but who else has got involved with us here at UKROC?


Sport England

First up, we have to mention SportEngland – without whom this event wouldn’t have been possible. We can’t thank them enough for their assistance and continued efforts to help us grow our sport.




Next on the listrampage studio, we have the wonderful Rampage Studio. Based in London, Rampage Studio is a television production company, post-production facility and creative hot spot fronted by producer / directors Ben Campbell & Carlos Saiani. They are the team responsible for the absolutely incredible Roller Derby Til I Die. We thank you.




And last today, but by no means least, we have the New Ink Printing Company. New Ink is a specialist digitalprinting company, with over 20 years experience. We have them to thank for our programmes!



Thank you to all our sponsors – none of this would be possible without your help and support.

Guest Speaker Announcement – stubble!

UKROC gives all leagues, regardless of organisational affiliations, an opportunity to contribute in a meaningful way to the Roller Derby community in the UK. This can only be a good thing.

The incredible stubble had this to say about why he is involved with UKROC. We think it pretty nicely sums up why we are putting on UKROC – bringing the UK derby community together is progressive, and really can only be a good thing.

stubble will be running an amazing session on A Path to Tournament Officiating, which will be a discussion of the pitfalls faced by game-ready officials in getting picked for tournament crews, and strategies for advancing despite them. Not only will this be hugely beneficial to officials, but also to all leagues who are looking to take their officials crew up to the next level.

We asked, why do you think leagues should be involved in UKROC? He said;

To add their voices to the community. To join in with discussions that have a measurable impact on the future of the sport they love. To get involved!

We couldn’t have put it better ourselves. GET INVOLVED!

Guest Speaker Announcement – Cherry Fury!

We’ve focused on skaters, now lets focus on the officials side of things for a while.

Cherry Fury

We are really excited to have Cherry Fury on board leading sessions both on skates and off skates.

We are sure everyone knows who Cherry is, but to remind us of her credentials, she is a WFTDA Clinic Instructor, MRDA Europe Regional Officiating Representative, WFTDA UK and Ireland Officials Apprentice Mentor, a WFTDA Level 3 Certified Skating Official, and the Southern Discomfort Roller Derby Head Referee.. that’s just some of the awesome things she works on.

She is pretty excited about being part of  UKROC, and said:

The line up of speakers is immense, the opportunity to access such great experience, knowledge and ask questions is invaluable. Being able to engage in important discussions regarding our sport and ensure that each league has its voice heard is important as we develop the UK community for the future.

She is coaching a phenomenal FOUR sessions across the weekend, including Officials Skate Training, WFTDA and MRDA Officials Certification Q&A.. but she’s not just catering to the officials – she’ll also be running a rules Q&A session for everyone! Sounds awesome!

She is bringing so much to UKROC, we asked her what she was hoping she might get out of it;

My mission for UKROC is to engage with as many officials from across the UK as possible, I want to start a debate on how we develop our own future, utilise the governing bodies and their resources to help us push forward to the highest standards of officiating. I want to hear from everyone about their challenges, fears and joys of officiating so I can create a solid body of feedback, insight and requirements form UK officials which I can feedback to the MRDA/WFTDA.

Also id love a cup of tea and a good natter, I’m happy to answer any questions anyone has for me throughout UKROC.

So, if you fancy a cup of tea and a good old debate with the lovely Cherry Fury, make sure you are booked in for UKROC.

Who are the sponsors?

We’e had some amazing sponsors get involved with UKROC, and we can’t thank them enough. There will be plenty of logos flying about, and you might even be in for some freebies 😉 but.. who are our sponsors? Let’s find out a bit more about them.

First up we have DOUBLE THREAT SKATES!

Double Threat Skates Double Threat Skates (DTS) is London’s first roller derby specific bricks and mortar store. Located in the heart of Central London, their aim is to provide derby skaters with expert advice and share the knowledge that the owners, Gaz and Kitty of the London Roller Girls have gained playing high level roller derby. They have skated and coached all over the world, they know what skaters want.

Why would they choose to sponsor UKROC?

“We are both passionate about growing the sport of roller derby – through community, coaching and getting you in the best gear for the type of skater you are. We look forward to being part of your derby lives!”


Derby Store Next up, it’s DERBY STORE.

Derby Store was established by owner Craig Nicholson from Sheffield’s mens Roller Derby team The Inhuman league in 2012. They aim to provide you with expert knowledge and a high level of customer service.

And their reasons for being part of UKROC?

“We are incredibly passionate about the ever growing sport of Roller Derby. Quite simply we play it, we love it and we live it.”


And finally… whilst we are talking bricks and mortar stores, we have Scotland’s answer – 5th BLOCKER SKATES.

5th Blocker Skates 5th Blocker is owned and operated by Marshall Lawless of Glasgow Roller Derby. They are Scotland’s go to store for all derby equipment, skates and plate fitting. Always present at games all over Scotland, we knew they wouldn’t want to miss out on the UK’s first roller derby conference, and we are delighted to have them as a sponsor!

Guest Speaker Announcement – Bette Noir!

We are absolutely delighted to announce that Bette Noir will be one of the Guest Speakers at UKROC!

bette noir

Known for being the woman who brought roller derby to the UK, Bette is not only a Founding member Angel City Derby Girls and a Founding member (and managing director) of London Rollergirls, but also a WFTDA compliance panel member and she has years of experience and a wealth of knowledge to share.

She’ll be running two sessions, one session called ‘Herding Cats and Planning for Tomorrowland: how to organise a league and manage growth’ which will focus on league management and success. She says:

“I hope to discuss different models of league management – looking at pros and cons of each. I want to introduce ideas for efficient task management, prioritisation and delegation. I also want to discuss strategies for long term success of a league, specifically when it comes to policy development and modification. I would hope everyone comes away from this session having learned some new things they can take back to their own leagues to help them grow in the right direction.”

She will also run a ‘Veteran leagues face to face’ – as she says “Leagues that have been around for a long time face a unique set of issues and problems. Let’s talk together and figure out what we can learn from each other.”

Both sessions are set to be really popular, certainly not something you’ll want to miss out on!

Bette says of UKROC “Leagues should attend UKROC because getting the opportunity to exchange ideas and face time with the other people helping to grow this sport in our country is critical to our continuing success”. Having been involved with Roller Derby for such a long time, she knows the importance and drive that events like UKROC can bring. “Roller derby leagues cannot exist in isolation. We learn from each other and the paths that those before us have blazed. Getting all our smart heads together can only lead to better things.”

To be part of pushing UK roller derby to the next level, get your tickets from