Sponsor thanks

One final round of thank yous!

Roller Derby City – First up we would like to thank the amazing people at RDC for given us our volunteers uniforms, stickers and the goody bags, can’t wait to see these around the country, Thank you RDC!

Geargroom – Geargroom a new product from a well established company, Geargroom provided all our special guests with their new product. It gets rid of pad stink and smells fantastic.

Skate Hut –  Thank you to Skate Hut for providing their socks and other goodies for the goodie bags.

5th Blocker – Who provided £200 of vouchers as competition prizes. Thanks Lawless!

Double Threat Skates – For all the competition prizes.

The Rock People– Who made the amazing UKROC rock.

New Ink – Who printed the brochures.

Riedell – Who gave us wheels for prizes.

Kinesio UK – For the goodie bag swag.

Atom – For more goodie bag swag.

Without you all, we would not have had such a successful UKROC!