Third Guest Speaker announcement!

We hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas, we know we did, but the planning for UKROC2016 never stops here and we have taken a wee break from the festivities to bring you the exciting news of our third guest speaker!

Profile_front_hannibal_lecturer_101And it is our first returner! By very popular demand, we have the wonderful Hannibal Lecturer of Kent Roller Girls coming back after her amazing, and very busy sessions on league conflict from UKROC2014 to give us some more insight into facing some of the challenges around changes in your leagues.

Dr Bex Hewett (Hannibal Lecturer). In her ‘normal’ life she is a Senior Lecturer in Human Resource Management at University of Greenwich. She does research into motivation and other positive behaviours at work. Before starting her career as a lecturer, she spent 10 years working in HR ‐ she’s seen a lot of change in teams and has some tips for how to manage it. Her first session,  ‘Hey, who moved my wheels?’ Managing change in derby teams will be on Sunday morning, and will look at the way changes can affect our teams, and league. We asked her what sort of things she will cover;

In the fast developing world of roller derby, change happens. A lot. In this session, I will look at some of the challenges connected within managing change in teams and help participants think about how to successfully manage change and help team members overcome the inevitable challenges associated with this. It will be an interactive session, where participants will get the chance to share their experiences and learn from each other.

Sounds amazing, and we know from attending last years session that this will not be one to miss. And, as if that wasn’t enough, immediately following this session, she will be running a Conflict / Change Surgery. At UKROC2014, Hannibal Lecturer had loads of requests from teams to provide advice on managing people problems so this second Sunday session will be run as a surgery so that people can drop by and ask for specific advice.

Sounds like pretty invaluable time spent! We just wonder how anyone is going to choose which sessions to go to, everything looks so great! Tickets, as always, available here.