And our next Guest Speaker is…

So, a few days ago, we told you about Kitty running a couple of sessions. You might remember that we said she would be joined by another exciting guest. Well, it’s time for the reveal!

Joining Kitty in the session titled Logistics, Culture & Roller Skates, is the incredible ­Juke Boxx!

JukeBoxxFresh back from playing at Champs with London Brawling, Juke Boxx has been roller skating her entire life, and playing roller derby since 2008. Juke started out with the Mad Rollin Dolls of Madison, went on to Captain the Minnesota Rollergirls of St Paul, for two years, and was Captain of London Brawling for the 2015 season as well as being a long standing member of Team USA. A love of the complexity of roller derby, combined with a love of roller skating, and a love of shorts over tights, Juke Boxx often has roller derby dreams which result in new drills, and in her spare time enjoys photography and a nice cider.

We’ve already heard about the Logistics, Culture & Roller Skates session that Juke Boxx will run alongside Kitty, but that’s not all she will be doing over the weekend! She will also hold a session titled Coaching: Building Drills, Breaking down manoeuvres, which she describes as:

A class about the types of things I consider when presenting a new skill. Goes along well with the “Progression coaching class” but this one is offskates. We will work on tackling a skill, and building our own drill for it, and identifying how many steps needed.

You can see what others think of Juke’s coaching here:

And as if that wasn’t enough, she will also be running another session, this time with the same guest who will be running the class mentioned above. Now, we don’t want to spoil the surprise so we can just tell you to keep your eyes peeled over the next few days to find out who this mystery guest will be. And, in the meantime, get a look at the session they’ll be running together. Titled Game day / Tournament Prep, you’ll learn about the things that Brawling does to help prep for any game both away and at home. This class outlines all the things that help get players and leadership prepped to get the most out of your performance on game day.

Sounds like this isn’t something to miss! And don’t worry, we will announce that other guest soon.. for now, tickets available here.