Another Speaker Announcement!

And the announcements just keep on coming… and we are still not finished with our run of LRG members – as we are delighted to tell you that London Rollergirls and Team England skater Kid Block is coming to UKROC 2016!

The co-captain of London Brawling and LRG’s Head of Training, Kid has a huge passion for both playing and coaching roller derby. She also coached and captained the Tiger Bay Brawlers to great success – and all this in just five years of skating and playing roller derby!1374155_589127944532390_8408340712985704668_n

Kid is hugely motivated and describes herself as having a “love for goal-setting”. Her enthusiasm and drive to constantly develop herself and her league are what have taken her to the top and make her sessions at UKROC must-attends.

But what are those sessions? Kid is doing three sessions on the Saturday of the conference, starting with on-skates session Own Your Roll, then moving into the classroom for Getting the Most Out Of Your Training (Coaching Tips and Tricks) and finishing with a Q&A session on League Training Structures.

Want to know more? Kid breaks down her sessions, starting with Own Your Roll:

“Edges”, “Dig”, “Engaging your edges”, “Edge work”… it’s all we hear about these days! And for good reason. Controlling your roll and owning your edges is essential in today’s slow roller derby game. To keep walls slow and jammers on our backs, we need to control our roll and engage our edges to the best of our ability. Teaching newer skaters these skills and enabling your skaters to ‘feel’ their edges can be tricky at first and can be a challenge to coach. From my time coaching leagues worldwide over the past few years, I’ve built up a fairly big repertoire of drills that allow skaters to find their edges and control their roll – with proven success. I’ll give you some tips, drills and advice on how to teach this tricky subject, hopefully enabling your skaters to get that much loved ‘lightbulb’ moment.

We are sure that session will be a hit for anyone who leads training sessions or coaches in their leagues. Next up is Getting the Most Out Of Your Training (Coaching Tips and Tricks):

If you are in a coach or training position within your league and would like some tips and pointers on how to ensure your training is focused, effective and gets results – then this is the seminar for you!

And finally, League Training Structures:

As Head of Training at London Rollergirls, I have had my biggest challenge to date… three travel teams, three leadership groups, 10 coaches and just eight hours a week of training time. In this open Q&A forum, I will happily take on your most challenging of questions regarding structuring your leagues training to ensure everyone’s working to their full potential.

Places in each class are limited so get your tickets fast to ensure you get a spot in these sessions! Tickets, as always, available here.