Guest Speaker – Mystery Guest revealed!

Well, as if we hadn’t brought you enough excitement already this year (and we are only a week into it) we have saved one of the best for you guys!

We’ve teased you with a mystery guest.. and now it’s time for the reveal. And, we know you won’t be disappointed when we tell you that the incredible Ballistic Whistle will be at UKROC!

BW_Headshot Famed for his work with London Rollergirls & Southern Discomfort Ballistic has been involved in Roller Derby since 2006. At various times since then he has adopted the role of official, player, and coach. Those experiences combined have given him a breadth of knowledge to many facets of the sport. Over the past 5 years Ballistic has bench coached London Rollergirls‘ all-star travel team London Brawling, most recently to 4th in the WFTDA at Champs in 2015.

For the previous two world cup campaigns, he has also been the coach for England’s National team, seeing them take the Bronze in 2011 and Silver in 2014. As a player he has represented Southern Discomfort Roller Derby since its official founding and participated in both MRDA Champs campaigns in 2014 and 2015. As a coach, his his hunger to learn is matched by his desire to teach and has spent much of his time sharing his experiences and knowledge with those around the world who are just as enthusiastic for the sport. What a guy! We are super excited to see what he has to bring us at UKROC.

But, we bet you are wondering, what’s the session on? Well, there’s another piece of great news – there’s more than one session. In fact, there’s three! Ballistic will start off with an on skates Explorative Training session, followed by an unmissable session on Bench Coaching Tips. Then, in collaboration with Juke Boxx, a session on Game day and Tournament Prep. All these sessions will run on Saturday.

Want to know a little bit more about what to expect? Let’s start with Explorative Training:

This session is all about understanding the strengths and weakness of individuals to ensure that you get the very best out of your players and your team as a whole. Two of the main methods used for training are repetition and exploration. Repetition is about drilling what you know and explorative training is all about discovering those strategies that work best for your team so you can drill them later.

Sounds amazing! And, bench coaching is something that every team in every league needs, so this next session on Bench Coaching Tips, sounds literally invaluable – who doesn’t want to bench like Ballistic!

Bench coaching is about far more than just standing on the sidelines, there are nuances to the information you prioritise. Your communication, who you deliver it to, and how you deliver it are also vitally important to gaining advantages for your team. We’ll also be covering a number of tips and tricks which help to make sure you capitalise on the strengths of your own team and the weaknesses of your opponent.

No one will want to miss that session, I am sure we’d all like to know some of LRG’s bench tips and tricks! So, what about the final session, Game day / Tournament Prep:

Learn about the things that Brawling does to help prep for any game – both away and at home. This class outlines all the things that help gets players and leadership prepped to get the most out of your performance on game day.

WHOA. Everything sounds amazing! Places in each class are limited so get your tickets fast to ensure you get a spot in these sessions!

Tickets, as always, available here.