Happy New Year – we have Another Guest Speaker announcement!

Happy 2016 everyone – we hope you are having a good January so far. We know we are – and not least of all because we get to bring you some very exciting news… we’ve been keeping this one up our sleeves because, why not start 2016 with some amazingly exciting announcements!

We won’t keep you waiting any longer. Guest speaking at UKROC2016 will be… Kristen Lee, AKA Kitty Decapitate! Pretty exciting, we know. Having been around since the dawn of UK Roller Derby time, Kitty joined London Rollergirls in 2006 and is still going strong!

Headshot_KristenLondon Brawling skater and coach (Captain of the 2014 season), England Womens Silver Medallist, ex ­Bench Coach for Southern Discomfort, #1 fan of the She­Wolves Roller Derby in Roma, as well as a brief sojourn with Victorian Roller Derby League All Stars, she has been in leadership roles FOREVAHHHHH. So, she’s got a lot to talk about!

After the success of her sessions at UKROC 2014, Kitty will be leading two classroom based sessions this time ‐ on Saturday, she will join another guest speaker (to be announced VERY soon!) to run a session titled Logistics, Culture & Roller Skates. What’s that about Kitty?

Thinking about joining leadership of your team? This class is all about what to expect, and some guidelines to help make it an easier job. We will cover the admin side, motivation and team culture, and training responsibilities.

Sounds amazing, and we have no doubt it will be filled with really useful information for anyone interested in leadership. But, didn’t we say she would  be leading two classroom based sessions? Oh, we did! That’s right, Kitty isn’t coming all the way to UKROC2016 to just give one session, she’s got another one planned too! And that one sounds equally amazing. Titled League and Team Values, the session will cover everything you might need to know about, well, league and team values! How to set them, how to follow through with them, and how to make them work for your whole team.

Sounds pretty good – I just don’t know how to pick which sessions to attend! Here’s a link for tickets, as always..