One last speaker!

You thought we were done with speaker announcements? Well, we aren’t! We have one actual last one for you – and if you don’t have a ticket yet, and this doesn’t change your mind, then… well, nothing will.

So… after a very successful session at the last UKROC, we are delighted to welcome back the incredible Meg Le Maniac who will be assisting Rocky will all of these sessions.image-02-12-15-10-18

Meg has been tooting the whistle for almost 7 years now. She is a WFTDA Level 2 Referee, a MRDA recognised official and has had incredible opportunities to officiate the highest level of derby. Very Lucky. Known for her love of donuts and bicycles, Meg is actively trying to seek the balanced lifestyle of high level derby official on a bike mechanics salary and is the guardian to a little Westie named Gus.  Way back in the beginning days of fishnets and rule set 2.0, she lived on the other side of the track but realised that she best serves derby in stripes and she has never looked back.


On Saturday afternoon, Meg will be running the following sessions, alongside Rocky Horror Ho:

UK Officiating:  Where we are?

  • UKRDA Membership & how to move forward; what could it offer officials out with certification?
  • Improving UK Officials support networks?
  • UK Stress in Officiating Survey results and what we can do with them.
  • Coping skills (derby/Life balance)

UK Officiating: Where do we want to go?

  • League affiliation v Independence, is Independence from league affiliation (but not the governing body) the future?
  • Professionalism / Certification, how will the UKRDA support good officials being certified?
  • Improving UK structure
  • evaluation processes

On Sunday afternoon she will also be hosting the incredibly popular Officials Face to Face, something to make sure you don’t miss if you are an official!

Tickets available until noon tomorrow – no time to waste now! Click here to get them before they close.