Three weeks to go – look who else is coming!

That’s right, with less than three weeks until we embark upon Salford and kick off UKROC2016, we have some more exciting guest speaker announcements to bring to you!

First up, with a lovely wee short distance to travel, we have Rainy City Roller Girls very own Cleo Fracture! Cleo FractureCleo was part of the team of skaters who transformed a derelict building on King Street into the dedicated Roller Derby training and events venue it is today, and the venue for all of our own skates sessions for UKROC2016 – The Thunderdome. Since 2011, Cleo has held director positions at Rainy City, and worked tirelessly to raise the profile of The Thunderdome, and Roller Derby in the town and beyond.

On Sunday afternoon, Cleo will be leading a session titled Going it alone: How to lease and run your own dedicated roller derby venue. The wealth of knowledge from actually opening a roller derby venue is literally kept within the walls of Rainy’s Thunderdome, being the only dedicated venue in the UK, so there is no one better to give us all an insight. We asked Cleo, what would be covered:

Expensive rentals for training grounds and venues are a concern for many leagues. In this session, hear how Rainy City got where we are today. Learn how your league can take steps to lease, manage and run your own venue… Hold training sessions 7 days a week! Schedule open games any Saturday or Sunday! Establish your league as a member of your community and reap the rewards of the exposure that brings.

Which we know is everyone league’s dream aspiration. It’s hard to even know where to begin, but Cleo assured us the session would be super packed with everything you might need to know, things like;

Learn how to:

  • Identify a good location
  • Get buy-in from your membership
  • Grow your community links
  • Get support from your local council
  • Approach funding applications
  • Work with your landlords to manage ongoing maintenance
  • Manage income, outgoings and future sales forecasting
  • Avoid the pitfalls and minimise risk
  • Collaborate successfully as a league to ensure a healthy future

And, the question of how any league in the UK would afford something like this, will also be covered:

A bricks-and-mortar not-for-profit sports business attracts a lot of attention from local government, town centre management, sports development teams and local and national funding bodies. Following a successful application due to our position in the community, Rainy City Roller Girls were awarded £50,000 from Sport England’s Inspired Facilities fund. This money was used to install Skate Court flooring, audience seating, heating and audio equipment at the King Street venue. But it takes way more than cash to ensure the success of a growing business. Our people are our biggest asset – our skaters and volunteer members who are responsible for keeping the venue running.

A seriously important session for any of the leagues around the UK looking to follow in Rainy’s footsteps and end the curse of the roller derby hall bookings forever!

Tickets for UKROC2016 available here.

BUT WAIT! That’s not all!

Xavier Bacon headshotReturning from his success at UKROC2015, and ready to present another amazing session, is the one and only Xavier Bacon! A session for officials this time, titled Growing as an official: Enhancing your personal development, Xavier Bacon will be covering things like:

Watching your game footage, self critiquing, feedback, self improvement, and using your peers.

And, as if that wasn’t enough, he’ll also be running an on skates session on Sunday titled Keeping Up With Reaper: Reffing Footwork For Game Day Survival. Sounds pretty intriguing, and ideal for all our skating officials.

Keep a look out for more announcements coming soon!