National Roller Derby Museum

Well, that’s it. Tickets are no longer on sale, and everyone is now working flat out to finalise the plans for the weekend!

So, with ticket sales ending last night, we bring you a new announcement.. the National Roller Derby Museum will be attending UKROC!

Catherine Hemelryk (Rebel Rebel) is attending on the Saturday to bring an exhibition from the NRDM. This is super exciting and will have loads of amazing things for us to see. 

All attendees can get involved with the NRDM too…

Become part of the official history of roller derby by donating items to the NMRD. Let’s document our story.

Bring your team shirts, old flyers, zines and other paraphernalia that illustrates the rapid development of the sport in the UK over the past 8 years.

For more information, check out their Facebook page here
How exciting!!!


This is the last call for tickets guys – as of Midnight tomorrow, tickets will no longer be on sale!


This conference is set to shape the future of UK roller derby. There are sessions for new leagues, veteran league, junior leagues and male leagues, referees, NSO’s, league directors and announcers, plus of course, absolutely loads for skaters too, not least a big fun scrimmage to end each day.

Don’t miss this once in a lifetime chance at being part of the first ever UKROC weekend. Come and be a part of the history of UK roller derby.


Session News!

We’ve got some super exciting news on EVEN MORE sessions that will be held over the weekend at UKROC. I know, you were probably thinking there couldn’t possibly be any more than we have already talked about, but there are! There is so much happening all weekend, we’re not sure how you’ll be able to choose!

So, first of all lets talk to Samantha Salisbury who is running a session called New Leagues: Face to Face’. This is a pretty self explanatory title, and obviously is there to cater to newer leagues, and to allow them an opportunity to discuss their successes and problems. Samantha will also be offering advice on how to help your league grow. She said:

Every league will be able to learn from or contribute to the event, and there is always networking! Building relationships within any sport is good, but anything that allows the youngest, smallest leagues in the country the chance to chat with some of the biggest and most successful leagues in the country. Leagues need to be looking at UKROC as a kind of bootcamp – but one where you can learn about how to better connect with your fans, or the best way to structure training sessions, or even just how to get your league off the ground and running.

We think that seems like a pretty good reason for new leagues to get involved! The advice on hand over the whole weekend will be absolutely invaluable, and we are so excited about what this is going to do for the future of roller derby in the UK. Don’t miss being a part of this!

Don’t forget, Bette Noir will also be running a similar session for veteran leagues, and dealing with the unique issues and problems they also face.


On a different note, and something really exciting for everyone to get involved with, we are also extremely lucky to be able to say we have Jedi Mistress attending! She will be speaking at the Directors Q&A – something we know will be a really popular session so get in early to make sure you don’t miss this. We asked her to explain her session:

I will be part of the UKRDA Directors Q&A session. This will be an opportunity for delegates to ask the UKRDA Board of Directors anything they like about the inner workings of the UKRDA. I hope that this will be a chance to dispel some myths and set some records straight but also a chance for the people charged with directing UKRDA to listen to the views of people in the UK community directly and have a positive honest & open exchange of ideas & perspectives.

Which sounds incredible. While we had her, we thought we’d ask why she thinks it is important for leagues to attend UKROC:

One of the many things I love so much about roller derby it how DIY it is. By that I mean the sense of ownership over the sport players have and how motivated people are to shape it. This is our sport and we have the power to make it what we want it to be, that is powerful and this is an opportunity for anyone in the UK to come together & harness that power and channel it into making our fantastic inspirational sport even better.

And, since our guest speakers aren’t just coming along to run their sessions, they are also staying the weekend and attending other sessions, we asked her what she think she personally will get out of the weekend;

I’m basically looking forward to it all! I’m super excited about some of the talks, I hope I’ll get time to go & see them. I’m really keen to speak to as many people as possible about where they see derby going in the UK and what matters to them, personal, as well as their leagues. I want to come away buzzing with a bunch of new ideas and inspiration.


This weekend is really going to shape the future of UK roller derby. We have all seen the huge affect that leagues attending EROC have had, and we are sure this is going to be even more revolutionary in progressing our sport in our home country. We are sure that all leagues involved with UKROC are really going to see a huge benefit after this weekend – not to mention networking and just having fun, and of course scrimmaging all together!


ANOTHER competition!

Don’t say we aren’t good to you guys!

With only SIX days left to get your tickets for UKROC, we thought it only right that we have one last competition to see out the week. So, thanks to our amazing friends at Derby Store, we are offering the following prize:



For your chance to win, all you have to do is buy a ticket for UKROC!

Guest Speaker Announcements!

Katie “The Valkyrie” Thomas, Chairperson for Milton Keynes Roller Derby and Captain for the Milton Keynes Concrete Cows. She is also the  founder of The Heartland Series which is very exciting! She will be holding a session, along with some other exciting guest speakers, on Bout production and Filming tips. This will be an excellent source of information for any league who are thinking about live streaming, or recording their games for footage watching purposes.
Xavier Bacon headshot
Next up, we have the amazing Xavier Bacon, who is head referee with the Seaside Siren Roller Girls, and an MRDA recognised official, plus THR Eastbourne Extreme 2014, and Divisional Head Ref for Heartlands 2013. His session will be on ‘Referee Training – Fundamentals For Success’ and is something we think all refs across the UK will want to get involved with!
We also have Bex Hewett, AKA Hannibal Lecturer, who will be running a session on ‘Teams and team conflict: understanding, avoiding and coping’ which will focus on providing an overview of the sources of team conflict, how they can be avoided and what individual skaters and leagues can do to manage conflict when it arises. It will include a mixture of theory and practice focusing on successful team working to avoid conflict and advice for problem-solving when conflict occurs, looking at both individual and group conflict. This session is likely to be very popular, so don’t miss this one. Bex said of UKROC;
UK roller derby is growing so fast, and there is so many exciting things happening up and down the country. Sharing information is how we will make our sport stronger and ensure that all leagues, large and small, have access to the best knowledge


 Are you a Referee? An NSO? Here’s why you NEED to be at UKROC!

UKROC will be the first event to ever focus on supporting independent officials. This will be absolutely incredible for those officials who are already independent, both Referees and NSO’s, and for those who are currently affiliated with a league, but might be considering independence as an option. We’ll be discussing the merits of choosing this route for anyone who isn’t sure.

There will be loads of focus on career development as an official; no matter what level you are at now, there is always room to progress and we’ll have guest speakers such as Cherry Fury, Meg Le Maniac, Ragna Rock, Rocky Horror Ho Xavier Bacon and stubble entendre on hand to give you so many tips and so much advice on progression, as well as developing your referee and NSO crew.

There will be focus sessions both on and off skates for referees, including an amazing WFTDA clinics taster session on skates with Cherry Fury, as well as a session exclusively for certified or recognised officials. We’ll also be running facilitated discussion groups to enable some tips and constructive advice swapping.

It doesn’t end there. We’ve also got a series of information sessions about WFTDA certification which is absolutely not to be missed for any serious officials in the UK, as we will also be discussing developments with the UKRDA Officials recognition and membership process.

We also set aside a chunk of time to dedicate to a Rules Q&A. AND, because obviously this isn’t quite enough, there will be a scrimmage to end both days!

We have so much happening for Refs and NSO’s that this is really not something to miss out on.

Tickets are available until Wednesday 1st October at Midnight –  only nine days left!



Another competition!

I know, we are crazy. It’s competition time again! We’ve been donated so many amazing things from our incredible sponsors, and all we want to do is share them with you!

This time, you can win this incredible wee prize:

double threat comp

You’ll get a DTS mint vest, a DTS black tshirt, and 2 ‘Oh Shit’ kitsfor your league Containing all the things you and your team mates may need in an emergency contained in a handy little Crazy Skates bag. I know, right.

So, this one is ridiculously easy. Head over to thr UKROC facebook page, and leave a comment under the competition post, telling us why you are coming to UKROC. Comment with the most likes, wins. SIMPLE.

Competition is live now, and is only for 24 hours so get on it!

Click here to go to the UKROC Facebook Page

Session Announcement – Day 2!

So, after the excitement of hearing what’s happening on Saturday, how would you like to hear some more about the Sunday sessions? Yes? We thought so!

Sunday brings us a mixture of sessions – with a good chunk of focus on YOUR league and how to improve it through good management and sound organisation. Starting with some cosy face to face league sessions, separately tailored for both established and newer UK leagues, you will be invited to facilitated discussion groups to enable some tips and constructive advice swapping.


We are also really excited to announce that we will also be bringing you a whole host of information about Junior Roller Derby! This will include sessions on the legalities of setting up leagues, panel led discussion to facilitate discussion about the growth and organisation of Junior Derby and a chance for leagues with Junior Derby focus to have some face to face time. This is an amazing opportunity both for existing Junior Derby leagues and leagues aspiring to expand into this area.

Even more excitingly, UKRDA Directors and the team bringing you the British Champs in 2015 will be leading a session to discuss Tournament Organisation in the UK. This is set to be an absolutely incredible session, where they not only want to give loads of really invaluable information, but also gather our views on Tournament Organisation. This will really help push tournament hosting in the UK to the next level, and could make a huge impact on UK roller derby as a whole.

We also are excited about Bette Noir (LRG Director), who will be heading up an indispensable seminar to share her wealth of experience on future proofing your league and how to manage growth.

Officials have not been forgotten about in Day 2 – we have a series of information sessions about WFTDA Certification and developments with the UKRDA Officials recognition certification process and we also set aside a chunk of time to dedicate to a Rules Q&A for everyone – officials and skaters!

Other sessions that might tickle your fancy on Day 2 are Bout Production and Filming tips, Announcer workshop, developing successful sponsorship partnerships, and the chance for the men’s league delegates to have some face to face time in a facilitator led discussion group.

Sunday night brings you a choice once more – some delegate networking in the bar, or to join in with the Women only scrimmage.

We’re still finalising additional sessions for each of the days of UKROC but we hope there are a good few sessions for everyone in the mix just now!

Bear in mind – sessions might be moved from Saturday to Sunday or vice versa – these are the sessions but the timetable is not set in stone!

Even more sponsors!

We know, we’ve already mentioned the most amazing sponsors, what can be left? It’s crazy how many amazing Roller Derby affiliated companies wanted to be involved when they heard about UKROC. We are proud to have them all on board.

So, who else have we been working with?

First up.. ATOM WHEELS!

We’ve probably all skated on Atatomom wheels at one point in our derby careers; whether it was Poisons during those dubious fresh meat days, Jukes when we got a bit more confident that we weren’t going to slip under our own feet on every apex turn, or maybe it was Lowboys or Strokers when we wanted to move to something really hard. Atom are one of the best wheel makers for derby, and we are delighted to have them on board for UKROC.




Next, we have KINESIO UK

Many of us will have used Kinesio taping when recovering from injury, but for those who have wondered why skaters sometimes have colourful strips of tape across their bodies, Kinesio Taping is designed to facilitate the body’s natural healing process while allowing support and stability to muscles and joints without restricting the body’s range of motion. kinesio2



And finally… we have THE ROCK PEOPLE

The Rock People are personalised rock specialists, who started in 2004 when a friend bought them some Wedding Rock Favours for their wedding. They loved them, so decided to set up a small website called ‘The Wedding Rock Shop’. Over the years, they developed the idea to include Promotional Rock for businesses as well.


They operate full time from Lancing, 5 miles from Brighton, and focus solely on providing excellent rock products with excellent customer service.

Keep your eyes out over the weekend for some special UKROC rock – or, as we like to call it, UKROCK!